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Forest Bathing Trail Head Sign at Grassy Creek Winery
Trailhead Location: Grassy Creek Vineyard & Winery | 235 Chatham Lodge Lane, State Road, NC
Length: 1-1.5 miles
Difficulty Level: Easy/Beginner

The Perfect Chilly & Rainy Day Hike

With it being so cold in the foothills, it’s hard to keep up with our normal warm weather activities such as a good hike. But it’s important to remember that Elkin has the perfect variety of trails depending on the weather, the season, and how much time you have in your day to spend outside. If you want a simple yet beautiful trail that only takes an hour round trip, we highly recommend the Forest Bathing Trail.

What to Expect:

The Forest Bathing Trail is located at Grassy Creek Winery, and they allow you to park on their property while you hike. Not only will you be able to take an hour to yourself in nature, but you can also stop by the tasting room to enjoy a nice glass of wine after your peaceful walk. 

This is the perfect trail to be highlighting this season. Even with the rainy weather that comes with the winter season in North Carolina, you are able to enjoy this trail. It offers a serene and calming experience in nature where you can take time to fully appreciate the natural beauty of our area. We invite you to take advantage of the benches throughout the hike to take a moment to breathe and listen to the natural sounds around you; the flow of the river, the crunch of leaves beneath your feet, and the peaceful feeling of the wind.

Our Notes:
  • Not Stroller Friendly, so be prepared to carry the kiddos or leave them with grandma, so you can immerse yourself in nature.

  • Pro-Tip: Stay for a glass of wine after your hike. They often have live music on the weekends!

  • There are multiple trails that leave from Grassy Creek, so park your car and enjoy them all!


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