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Top Ten in Elkin

10- Waterfalls

Whether you find yourself around Carter Falls, the E&A Rail Trail at the Elkin Municipal Park, or the Elkin Public Library, you may be surprised to find yourself surrounded by beautiful waterfalls at all of these locations. These various falls only add to the beauty of Elkin and what you will find as you continue to explore the area.

9- Art

Elkin is home to over 8 public murals scattered around the main street- all of which tell a unique story that shines a light into the history of our town. The Foothills Arts Council is also a staple of the arts in our community and produces live theater, art hikes, and fiber sales.

8- Breweries

Brewery fans cannot miss out on both of Elkin’s Fantastic breweries: Skull Camp and Angry Troll. These local gems offer amazing food on top of their delicious brews and are open year-round to enjoy. You can celebrate further at the annual Big Elkin Brewfest for a frothy fun time.

7- Historic Downtown

Elkin’s Historic Downtown is filled with dozens of local business owners that keep our small-town bustling. Our main street is filled with small shops that give our town its charming character. From restaurants, bakeries, local goods, and entertainment, there’s nothing you can’t find in our Historic Downtown.

6- Music

Though the region is historically known for fiddling and bluegrass, the music venues, events, and festivals in Elkin are a diverse group that you must experience for yourself. The Historic Reeves theater is a local hot spot for live music. You can also catch some tunes at local wineries where some showcase live music acts every weekend.

5- Food

There are dozens of locally-owned restaurants scattered all over Elkin. With so many different varieties and options to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Locals also look forward to monthly Food Truck Friday events, where they can enjoy good eats with live music

for an all-around awesome time.

4- Trails

If you haven’t been exploring on Elkin’s trails you are missing out. While the town may seem small to some, the quality and quantity of Elkin area trails are hard to beat. Elkin is home to the E&A Rail Trail, the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, the National Historic Overmountain Victory Trailhead, the Yadkin River “Blue Water Trail”, the Grassy Creek Trail, and more! It is also just a short drive from

both Pilot Mountain State Park and Stone Mountain State Park.

3- Wineries

It’s no surprise that being located in the Yadkin Valley AVA (American Viticultural Area) would mean more wine, but Elkin area wineries are beyond fruitful. There are over 2 dozen wineries located within a 30-minute drive of Elkin. Each vineyard and Winery offer something unique and you will never get tired touring the wineries or tasting the varieties in our area.

2- Festivals

Throughout the year there seems to always be another fun and exciting festival just around the corner. Elkin is home to the Yadkin Valley Wine Festival, Freedomfest, Reevestock Music Festival, Yadkin Valley Pumpkin Festival, NC Trail Days, Trick or Treat Main Street, Light up Elkin, and more. These events are a staple to our community and offer a great time for all to enjoy.


While this list has compiled much of what makes Elkin an amazing town to visit or live in, something hard to capture with words is its deep sense of community. Through community fundraisers, gatherings, picnics, and more, it’s the people who make up this town that truly make it special. Through the good times and the bad, it is the pride in our small town which helps us push through any obstacle. This is just another reason we are happy to call Elkin our home.

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