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Trail Marker #1


Welcome to the Elkin and Alleghany Rail to Trail.  Along with the town of Elkin and other enthusiastic partners and volunteers, this rails-to-trail conversion trail has been established on the old rail bed of the Elkin and Alleghany (E&A) Railroad. 

The E&A Railroad played a key role in the industrial revolution history of Elkin and surrounding counties until the mid-1930's.  Throughout this trail, you will find historical markers with linked videos describing the historical significance of the locations presented by students of Elkin High School. 

Here stands the well-known Elkin & Alleghany Railroad Ticket Office.  This building was constructed in 1870 to serve as the office of the Elkin Manufacturing Company established by Richard Gwyn, founding father of Elkin. This building, now addressed as 231 West Main Street, also served as Elkin’s first telephone office and later the popular E&A Ticket Office. Originally located at the present location of the Elkin Library, the 1916 flood prompted a move of the building to this location.  The building served as the A & E Ticket Office from 1911-1931. 

Other uses for this building includes serving as the Ipock Coal Yard, which stood to the southwest of this building, the headquarters of Elkin’s Red Cross during WWII, and the North Carolina License Plate Agency.

E&A Railroad
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