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• Each marker on the trail has a QR code for hikers with smartphones that bring them to this site for updates, photos, and videos for each location. Click on the marker tab above that interests you - or if you are accessing from a cell phone, click on "More" at the top of your phone's screen and you will see the list of markers under "Elkin Trail Markers" tab heading.

• Trail markers are full of historical facts about Elkin's past and the importance of Big Elkin Creek, the railroads and manufacturing. Informational videos were created with the help of the Elkin High School "Project Management" class, 2nd semester, 2014.

• Trail markers will also offer interesting facts about nature along the trail for bird watching, trout fishing and stream restoration for our environment.

The Elkin Valley Trails Association and the Town of Elkin

welcome you to the trails, and hope you enjoy your adventure!

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