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Trail Marker #2

Ipock Coal Yard / E & A Passenger & Freight Station

John Pierce Ipock, born 1894, moved to Elkin after World War I, where he became the general manager and secretary of the Elkin and Allegheny Railroad Company. In 1923 he married Cora Lee Woodruff, and the two of them operated the Ipock Coal Company at this location. Originally serving as the depot of the A&E Railroad, it later was used by the coal yard as an office.  Much of the Elkin Historical Walking Trail lies on the rail bed of the original E&A Railroad which was constructed around 1910.  

The rail line was intended to connect the Northwestern North Carolina Railroad at Elkin with the Norfolk and Western Railroad at Jefferson allowing access to northwestern North Carolina's timber and western Virginia's coal. The first run of the Elkin & Alleghany Railroad was on July 4, 1911 with a town celebration and parade that drew in more than 10,000 spectators to witness the maiden event.  This 35-foot building was constructed with clapboard siding in a tan color and brown trim and a roof covered in tan paper. This style was similar to other rail depots along the A&E route. 

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