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 Trail Marker #17
Daniel Boone Arrowhead Marker

The Daniel Boone Trail is a 400-mile tract beginning at Boone Cave Park near Churchland, North Carolina, crosses the Yadkin River near Huntsville and ends at Fort Boonesborough, Kentucky following the footsteps of pioneer hero, Daniel Boone.  On this trail, 45 monuments have been erected, marking the landscape where he lived, hunted, married, and reared his children during his 21 years in North Carolina.   

This marker, Site # 104, was unveiled on September 10, 2013.  During historical research, the Elkin Valley Trails Association discovered that the monument was originally slated for placement in Elkin in about 1921.  The first Boone Trail Highway Monument was placed in Winston-Salem in 1913 and it still exists. That marker is the start of the Boone Heritage trail. 

The Elkin marker is seven-foot-high knapped granite arrowhead marker made from Mount Airy Granite. A bronze plaque cast in the manner of the original markers is inset into this granite marker. 

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