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Trail Marker #5

Birds of the  E&A Railroad Trail

Bird watching brings many benefits to both birds and the people watching them. Along this trail you may come into contact with two exceptional bird species found in the area. These include the Kingfisher and the Great Blue Heron.

Although a year-round resident of Surry County, the Blue Heron may be difficult to spot during late spring and early summer. They can commonly be found around any medium to large sized body of water as their diet mainly consists of small fish. However, these beautiful waders have also been known to east insects, rodents, and even small birds. 

The Kingfishers are a group of small to medium-sized brightly colored birds ranging in colors from black to red to green. In addition to their colorful plumage, these birds are also distinguishable by their large heads, long sharp pointed bills, short legs, and stubby tails. Kingfishers nest in tree hollows and holes dug into the ground, primarily along the creek bank. These beautiful birds feed on a wide variety of items, but are most famous for hunting and eating fish. They have also been known to eat crustaceans and small amphibians.  

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