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I was one of those teenagers that said, "once I leave Elkin, I'll never move back!" I lived in Boone for 3 years while I was going to school at App State. After graduating, I decided to move back and was worried about finding work and having things to do. I mean I was going from a college town back to what I considered a "retirement community".


I moved back and found a job, doing EXACTLY what I went to school for and also found out about Explore Elkin and all of the events and new things Elkin had been doing. Working downtown and being apart of Explore Elkin has helped me to get involved with our community. Being involved was something that I was never interested in - in high school or college - and it has really brought me out of my shell within the past year. I no longer consider Elkin to be a retirement community, it has become home again.


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