I was one of those teenagers that said, "once I leave Elkin, I'll never move back!" I lived in Boone for 3 years while I was going to school at App State. After graduating, I decided to move back and was worried about finding work and having things to do. I mean I was going from a college town back to what I considered a "retirement community".


I moved back and found a job, doing EXACTLY what I went to school for and also found out about Explore Elkin and all of the events and new things Elkin had been doing. Working downtown and being apart of Explore Elkin has helped me to get involved with our community. Being involved was something that I was never interested in - in high school or college - and it has really brought me out of my shell within the past year. I no longer consider Elkin to be a retirement community, it has become home again.


Very thankful for all Explore Elkin does... it's great to have something fun to look forward to each week!

- Richie

Krystle & Jeremy Stamps are originally from Raleigh NC but have recently moved from Orlando Florida where they both found jobs working for the  Walt Disney World corporation after graduating from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem. Krystle & Jeremy got engaged in 2012 and quickly started to search for wedding venues with a picture perfect fall setting. Knowing how beautiful the North Carolina Foothills are in the fall they started their search cold calling a variety of venues. After finding Elkin Creek Vineyards they fell in love with the location and quickly became close friends with the owners, plus it was the best pet-friendly location that agreed to host the outdoor ceremony that would include their 115 lbs Newfoundland dog named Gene. After the beautiful fall wedding in 2013, they continued to travel to Elkin twice a year for vacation. They fell in love with the town and people, the lack of traffic and slow pace of life was a nice change from the hustle and bustle of Orlando.“We always dreamed about moving to Elkin. The fact that people wave to strangers and say hello passing each other on the street is a huge draw for us to the town, everyone is your friend even if you just met them in line at the grocery store. Also, a honk of the horn when driving in Elkin is usually a good thing, just a friend saying Hello”.  


Coming to Elkin has been like coming home for us at Southern on Main. The hospitality and reception has been amazing and we want to pass that on to you and your guests. So come in and say hello or contact us and we can make your occasion special. 

- Marla

I grew up in Elkin and always said I would never come back. After graduating, having a child, and living outside of Elkin for a little while, I found myself somehow missing Elkin. My daughter goes to one of the churches for school and loves it. I also wanted her to go to Elkin as it is one of the top schools in our area.

I have seen so many incredible changes to Elkin, for the better. We love live music, especially my daughter, and Elkin has plenty of events with live music that are family-friendly! I love our small town!

- Laurenn

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