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A Day in the Life...B.D. Reece, Amateur Photographer

B.D. Reece, a born and raised Elkin native, is an outdoorsman who loves to kayak, bike, hike, and take pictures of the beautiful landscapes and wildlife around Elkin. Over the past few years he has enjoyed becoming an amateur photographer. Whether he is kayaking down the Yadkin River or hiking the many local trails he takes pictures. He uses social media as a platform to share his photos and has started a following for his pictures of Elkin’s natural beauty and various wildlife. 

One of B.D.’s favorite places to take photos of the wildlife in Elkin is the section of the Mountains to Sea Trail between Carter Mill Road and Grassy Creek Vineyard. The various wildlife he regularly sees are great blue herons, hawks, cattle, deer, and many more. When B.D. kayaks down the Yadkin River he always brings his camera to get photos of osprey, turtles, green and blue herons, and many types of ducks. 

B.D. also enjoys taking pictures of the many falls we have in and surrounding Elkin. These falls include the Shoe Factory Dam, Carter Falls, and the falls at the Elkin Public Library. 

These are only a few of the spots where he enjoys capturing some of his beautiful photos. Any professional photographer or amateur photographer would enjoy Elkin’s beauty. 

All the photos below were taken by B.D. Reece: 

This photo of a turtle was taken at the Yadkin River while kayaking. 

This photo was taken of the Falls at the Elkin Public Library. 

This hawk was captured while B.D. was walking in downtown Elkin. Many types of birds can be spotted downtown by the river.

This deer was captured on the Mountains to Sea Trail on the section between Carter Mill Road and Grassy Creek Vineyard. 

These beautiful ducks were photographed while kayaking down the Yadkin River.

This sunset photo of Grandfather Mountain was taken in the Austin, Traphill Area northwest of Elkin near Stone Mountain State Park.

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