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Fan the Flames of Fall and Get Cozy With Embers in Elkin!

If you’re looking for small town charm paired with old-world flair, look no further than Embers Eclectic Pub in downtown Elkin. Located adjacent to Southern on Main you may remember this space by its former name, The Lucky Bake. During the pandemic, owners, and married couple, Alexis Usko and Dylan Hayward used the shutdown as an opportunity to evaluate the purpose of the space and clearly define their focus. They decided to draw on their European travels and create a cozy gastropub that is heavily influenced by the UK in both food and decor. This means you’ll find touches of plaid around every corner and perpetual Guinness on tap. The pub will have two primary food focuses: 1. re-imagined comfort pub food, and 2. seasonal specials.

What is re-imagined comfort pub-food you might be thinking? We’re glad you asked! Drawing heavily on the cuisine from across the pond, you’ll find dishes like Guinness stew, bangers & mash, roasts, meat pies and Irish soda bread. There will be a rotation of seasonal soups, such as butternut squash, french-onion and chili sure to warm you up on those crisp autumn evenings.

Usko will also unleash her culinary super-power, gastronomy, to rotate specials with flavors from around the world! She’s not afraid to try new flavors and techniques so expect touches of Asian and southwestern prepared sous vide. Her favorites include sushi, curry, beef bourguignon, lasagna, and BBQ. You can also expect a rotation of flatbreads, tacos, cheese plates and dips like spinach-artichoke, chorizo-queso, beer cheese, salsa and hummus. And for those of you with a sweet tooth, let us not forget the desserts. Scrumptious signatories like Sticky Toffee Pudding, Bourbon Infused S’mores and Tiramisu will adorn the menu. You’ll see seasonal rotations here, too, with fall favorites like Pumpkin rolls, Apple streusel and Pecan pie. Are you feeling warmer yet?

With all of this talk of delicious food you may have forgotten that Embers Eclectic Pub is an actual bar! Not to be outdone by Usko’s culinary prowess, Dylan Hayward is a bit of an Elkin icon in his own rite. Dylan’s Upstairs Bar above Southern on Main has been drawing standing-room-only crowds consistently for the last few years and created a low-key cult following for Hayward’s cocktails. Hayward is passionate about education and plans to offer flights of gin, whiskey and bourbon. He also loves to experiment with ingredients and seasonal flavors like pumpkin martinis; smoked apple old fashioned, and vanilla Irish coffee. Hayward said, “Fall just makes us think of smokiness: food and drinks that make you warm and happy.” In addition to these intriguing spirits you find a variety of beers on tap including imports and NC beers. As we mentioned earlier, Guinness is permanently featured and Hayward is excited to bring in Hofbraus Haus Hefeweizens with other incredible local breweries.

When asked what inspired the unusual name of this cozy little pub tucked into downtown Elkin, Alexis Usko quoted an Irish proverb, “When the roaring flames of your love have burned down to embers, may you find that you've married your best friend.” Usko and Hayward feel lucky to have found each other and their passion in life. They’re hoping you’ll visit Embers soon and fall in love with Elkin!

Visit them anytime W-Th 4-10, Friday 4-11 or Sat 12-11. Be sure to check their Instagram or Facebook pages before you visit for holiday hours!

Written by Erin Proctor Johnson, owner of Elkin Eats.

Follow her Instagram for the best plates all over Elkin!

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