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Feeling Crafty in Elkin

Ask any Elkin local about days gone by, and one of the first stories to pop up is about the former Elkin/Jonesville bridge. While the iconic bridge that connected the two communities no longer exists, nestled near the shadows where the bridge once stood is Elkin’s newest downtown drinkery, The Angry Troll Taproom.

The Angry Troll, also known locally as “ATB” (Angry Troll Brewing,) opened in 2015 as an eatery and bar with industrial vibes. The restaurant has maintained a monumental downtown presence ever since, appealing to both locals and travelers alike. The upstairs restaurant/bar has a full menu including brick-oven pizzas, wings, sandwiches and salads. It’s the perfect place to catch the game or meet up with friends.

ATB also has an on-site brewery in its basement, with an arcade, bar and outdoor seating. During the summer of 2022 The Angry Troll decided to make the most of its bar/arcade-combo success and began a remodel on the space. In late spring and throughout the summer, construction ensued. In August of 2022 The Angry Troll Taproom was born! This underground taproom has a chill, speakeasy vibe, with cushy seating in addition to high top tables and an up-fitted oversized bar that was extended to accommodate 18 guests and comes in at a whopping almost 3 feet in width!

The tap selection has also expanded so that the four core brews: Rail Trail Red Ale, Surry Cream Ale, Stay Classy Elkin IPA and Downtown Brown Ale are available with room for an additional 8 beers to rotate seasonally. ATB’s brewmaster Meredith Gotz is currently expanding their craft beer selection with a focus on sours, Berliners and fruited IPAs.

Taproom manager Erin Fritts is the creative force behind the overhaul, and has big plans for the menu. While the focus of the space is on being a true taproom, Fritts is a cocktail-artisan at heart! This means she will be introducing a line of craft cocktails to an otherwise wine-loving valley. Signature cocktails are priced at approximately $13 and many will be troll-themed to go along with the legend of the location’s moniker, the angry troll that lives under the bridge. One example is the Pea’d Off Ogre, a combo of sugar snap peas, tarragon, vodka, and agave. Um, yes, please. Many of these cocktails contain fresh herbs directly from their very own herb garden, also located on-site. Fritts has plans to expand this area as well in the coming months.

You can visit the Angry Troll Taproom Thursdays 4p-11p, Fridays 4p-12a, Saturdays 12p-12a and Sundays 3p-11p. Be sure to check their website for updated hours and holiday closings if you’re visiting from out of town. While the full menu is only available in the upstairs dining room, you can order appetizers downstairs to be shared with friends or to keep all to yourself. We can’t promise that the troll won’t take a tax though, so order extra just in case!

Written by Erin Proctor Johnson, owner of Elkin Eats.

Follow her Instagram for the best plates all over Elkin!

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