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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Do you support your local restaurants? Elkin has over 20 locally-owned restaurants - from Farm to Table Southern Cuisine to Mom and Pop Diners to Gastropubs and Ethnic Cuisine, there is something here for every taste bud!

Restaurants like Barking Coyote Kitchen and Reeves Theater Cafe work with local farms and vendors to get the freshest ingredients. Not only are these restaurants bringing tasty, fresh, local ingredients to your mouth but in turn, they are supporting our local farmers.

Even our cocktail bar downtown, Fruition, uses fresh and local ingredients in her specialty cocktails. (Although she does not serve food, the owner welcomes you to pick up food and come by for a drink - picnic style!)

The majority of restaurants in Elkin are locally owned. Some are even still in the family that created them to start with. Speedy Chef of Elkin has been owned and run by the Halls for over 50 years. Anytime you stop in, you will see a member of the family working behind the counter. Mazzini's Italian restaurant is also a family-owned restaurant with a variety of pasta, subs, pizzas and more. Be sure to check out their lunch specials! Creamy Dayz is a locally owned ice cream/coffee/donut shop that makes handmade waffle cones with creative toppings. During the cold months, they serve fresh handmade donuts daily and local roasted coffee. Dirty Joe's was Elkin's first locally owned, specialty coffee shop. You can get practically any flavor syrup and there's always a variety of homemade sweets at the counter.

"The guests that come in aren’t only customers...they become family and friends."

When you eat local, the money you spend is funneled back into your own community. You’re not only supporting the restaurant and its staff but supporting your town as well.

Eat Local. Support Local.

268 Grill Asian Buffet Angry Troll at 222

Azalea Mexican Grill Barking Coyote Kitchen Cowboy Restaurant Creamy Dayz Dirty Joes Coffee Shop Harry's Place

John Boy's La Fuente

Matty's Restaurant Mazzini's Italian Restaurant

Nana's Family Restaurant Pirate's Landing

Prime Thai Reeves Theater & Cafe Skull Camp Speedy Chef

Southern on Main

Terry's Cafe

That's a Wrap

​The Mango Peel The Smoothie Station

For a list of all restaurants, visit

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